Saturday, 23 October 2010

Mr.Illusions Delusion Menu

Mr.Illusions Delusion Menu

~· Transparent LieSoup
Served chilled with a brainwash
~·  Compromised Identity
Toppled with minced DNA

···Main Courses···
~· Roasted CodeBeef
With bloodstained roots & lost soul
~· Stuffed Brain
With marinated thought & clouded perception

~· Frosted Life Bubble
Sprinkled with dark matter
~· Crushed Universe Mousse
Served with loveless crackers & dead ends

. . .Enjoy your meal. . .

···or change restaurant completely···

Mr.Illusion now faces serious setbacks
By Dimension travelling Particle benders
With a Synchronised Collective Consciousness
Marching Fearless on Their Victorious Quests

Ur.Unity's Unification Menu

~· Rinsed Existence
Served with a pure intent
~· Energy shape Cake
sprinkled with morphic particles

···Main Courses···
~· Resurrected Ancients
Filled with fresh knowledge
~· Illuminated Spirits
 Heated in blessed holiness

~· Paradise Cookies
Filled with love, light & rainbow bridges
~· Harmonious Beings 
bound with trust & covered in stardust

··· Enjoy Your Meal !!! ···
·~· Unity ·~·

Friday, 22 October 2010

· ··~>· HeartAttack ·<~·· ·

· ··~>· HeartAttack ·<~·· ·

a red carpet
a ready space
a soundtwister's
fire flame

shadows dance
on walls in trance
the image born
sound hypnotised

a shelf a goddess
a candle lit
a monsters head
turn & tilt

a claw a clasp
a straw a hasp
a feast a deed
a loving feed

touching ground
grow in sound
a root hit nerve
swinging it

the mother stir
the bottom pit
a giant swim
in forest dim

merging atoms
sparkled kiss
tour in sacred
wombs abyss

morphing colour
sudden shift
 element boost
a form transfix

a beat a boom
fever sick
a swirly cosmos
Secret Trick

·· · ···~>· Unity ·<~··· · ··

·· ·~>·U·<~· ··

· · · > We Mirror Us < · · ·

☀ ·∞· ☀ ·∞· ☀ ·∞· ☀

· · · > We Mirror Us  < · · ·

Everything is a Lot
Its the whole It

all It is all Us
all Us is All It

We are a Lot
We make all This

it is All just Do
in a constant Now

all It as All You
are the One in One

who mirrors reflections
 a keeper of balance

then a step up the Ladder
to another perception

all language levels
all open bridges

between mortals
immortals, spirit or so

tuned in Together
knowing the All

fear, illusions &
borders no more

Money is Time
or turn it around

what is this
but fools tricks

so yesterdays lace
that grey zone fix

coming foretold
We march Bold

All so Aware
so Strong & Alive

United as One
again to Reclaim

Our Mothers Throne
of Light & Love

We Mirror Us
pure bliss thrust

into higher planes
of Divine Existence

open Heart & Trust
the True Gods is Us

·~ Unity ~·

☀ ·∞· ☀ ·∞· ☀ ·∞· ☀