Thursday, 24 February 2011

··The Golden Chains··

··The Golden Chains··

in golden chains
i lay to rest
the hearts desire
my inner fire

the times web
already made
from birth to end
is always there

eternally woven
each twirl of thread
slings a wave
turning destiny

the mighty pull
slowly wakes
the secrets of
the golden chains

no scissor nor knife
no border nor space
no time nor death
may cut this bond

as a humble human
within this time
hand on heart
we are bound to find

two in one as one
& all for all as one
with mind & heart
love, just & trust

now the waters
flow the seas
now the fire
burst in flames

within is ablaze
enlightened is
the knowledge
pool of memories

i lay to rest
in hearts nest
who is bound
in golden chains

where the fealty
lies with unity
soul walks free
in pure divinity