Thursday, 11 November 2010

· ··Energy Goes To School·· ·

···Energy Goes To School···

I met once a grown man.
A professor retired.
Sitting in the nations council,
for teachers, such & his like.

He was at a conference,
a national gathering at that.
He sat in a bar with two others,
drinking late drinks after a long day.

They talked about energy,
as if it was only a technology,
but for this one who seemed
to have a fire in his heart
for this important subject.

He seemed tired of fighting too,
of talking to dead ears,
as if he had done so many years.
I felt an urge to do something,
& made an entering scene.

Standing in front of the table,
silently staring at the one
waiting for attention.
When the moment came
my mouth opened.

"You must realise that this
subject under discussion here
is the most important issue
on mother earth right now.
Energy is everything all around you
& you people talk about it
as if it is of no importance.
WE are Energy.
I cannot believe this is not
Number One Subject
to teach all  beings 
& keep developing,
you have the voices"

They gawked at me in silence surprise, 
but for the one with the fire,
who i still had my eyes on

He was like a lit candle,
smiling with a new expression.
I sat down smiling at him,
we had a secret moment.

After a short while
the other two left us,
it was midnight after all.
My friend joined us
a free spirit, an artist.

This night we met a professor 
whose voice has not been heard
his dedication & beliefs challenged
forced to work as a teacher
under strict dictations

Energy is not complicated
it is what it is
it is everything
simple as that.

what i write here this moment
is created by energy
when you read it 
you sense this energy
you also use energy to read, sit & walk
you use energy when you breath
you also generate the energy
from all around you
as it also gives and takes

As a rock you may meet.
Maybe its been there a while,
seen & felt much pass by.
These energies are with this stone
as yours are with you.
It is all that was, is & will become

Knowing this gives next step

We consciously live aware of this
we effect energy & it transform
Your one energy meets another
the other detects this
& reflections appear

Knowing this gives next step

More detectors in the human temple opens
We need less material distractions
Our source of knowledge is our temple
Our Body, Mind & Soul

In Awareness we have no conflicts
We understand all reasons
or we wait for them to come
while we focus on what is the now
We have to live in the absolute moment
Stop Controlling Tomorrows Destiny

Flow in the energy of our mothers breath
hers connected with the universe
it connected in dimensions

here I end in a deep bow
for All You Divine Galactians
You R All Eternals


Monday, 1 November 2010


··· ·Purple·Hazed· ···
wandering ghosts troubled horse
found a wave to ride this morn
a beat that flowed through its veins
senses that fly in starry skies
a moon upheld is what is next
a dancing chest for now at rest

coming soon they said & smiled
the trance that dance its feet
a lurking shadows whisper fest
silent echoes in my ear
sure is that a waving roar 
 from hearts own abyss core

purple hazed & hypnotized
strolling in the deep abyss
flowing thought is sounding sweet
it came one day to visit me
filling in the missing link
tender to those who seek

toppled is the pyramid
withered leaves rise new seed
the risen phoenix flight feed
enigmas pod filled indeed
on the wave it came crashing
on my shore one day in autumn