Thursday, 28 April 2011

:::Might of Mind:::

Might of Mind

mind set the deal
making matter real
mind rule the deeds
carving the realities

a matter is a matter
then it transmorph
after what perception
vibrating its sounds

thinking is the tool
the master of crafts
in an eager universe
awaiting its commands

touching faith true
woven thread in heart
joined with shaping mind
shows the true might


Sunday, 20 March 2011

· the holy wholeness ·

· the holy wholeness ·

the word knowledge trig some thoughts
the word in itself seems misunderstood
knowledge is by common man power
power as in an illusion of control
know ledge makes it more easier
the know how to jump off the ledge
into the abyss of the unknown
the tiny now put into the whole
makes knowledge a new word
the un(kn)own speak for itself
an unknowing strider may learn
one to claim the conclusion may not

to rid one self of fear begin with observing
face whatever face you with inner dignity
whoever or whatever you are it is holy
because it all combined makes the whole
a returning fear is just an obstacle
a feeling to read, observe & face
your entire being is a universe in itself
all what hold you as a being together
have their own personal journey to travel
just one cell of what holds you is a universe alone
talk about multidimensional beings
we are all gods of many universes

even a plant hold a soul & is god of universes
every fiber of it is a morphing giant on its own
each soul who walk one path expand
it feed knowledge into the holy whole
then soul takes another path with new eyes
its energy a floating evolving device
a master & god of its own universes
countless universes in an unending wholeness
energy is a friend you can really count on
it exist in every fraction of all universes
your inner dimensions & universes
contain eager giants to cooperate with

water is a being of utmost respect
it cant, for however it change, vanish
nothing does really, merely transform
water is alive & it remember everything
it is conscious, another friend to rely on
it knows you already & wishes you well
it feeds all of your personal universes
earth is our home, nurturer & paradise
a mother who takes care of her children
lecture them when they misbehave
feed them the best of her dishes
& show them her inner secrets

as a god of countless universes
she fares well in the big whole
as a beacon of trust in the unknown
she faces fears eyes & embrace it
for fear is also a word misunderstood
it is meant to be a beacon of change
a souls mission is to face all fears eyes
to accept it is much but also a dot
every tiny dot you meet is also much
in a mysteriously endless vastness
we all are rightfully heirs to our throne
ask a plant how it satisfy its universes

Fear (k)·No·(w) Ledges

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

· Dream Reality ·

 · Dream Reality ·

what tale would you like
a life from a dream
or a dream of a life
what spell do you utter
when the time is right
if nothing is wrong
then all is right

if in a dream
a thought is thought
& when you wake up
you remember it
the thought is real
as it was in the dream

was it real or a dream
or is there more to it
is the dream a space
thoughts are made
as well as received
with this in mind
we go deeper in

to the lands of endless
where all is timeless
where a drop of water
may stand still in mid air
cause you forgot all else
gazing this beautiful truth


· Reality Dream ·

  · Reality Dream ·
a stretching after a long sleep
drinking tiny droplets of morning dew
from the leaves on the tree i had slept in
rays of the first sun heating my face
eyes gazing over of the valley
& the pointy lines of the 7 sisters
towering before the rising sun
shadows play on the sea of trees
wide & as far as eyes can see
arching rainbows above creeping mist

a thump nearby followed by a grunt
gave away the Eldar Trixens presence
his eyes gazing at the sky as usual
with his beard so long he thread on it
if he forgot to coil it around his neck
there is a scent of ancient about him
tales of the past lured in his eyes
"yonder is a star being born"
his words echoed in my ears
a vision flickered behind my eyes
a scene from a place in between

as if they were some kind of keys
the words opened memories
as if from a fading dream
coming back in bits & pieces
before my birth i was alive
i could see my life from there
other beings spread around
in what seemed a spaceless space
a place where i remembered everything
where all had reasons & purposes

i knew the faces of who to meet
i knew why it was all important
i knew how it was all planned
i also remember my last words
before i leaped into mothers womb
"this time i shall remember"
now i have pondered many times
what it was that i wanted to remember
for all seems to be evolved around it
its roots clinging to some faint world

"it is better to walk with an open eye"
his voice drove me back to the balcony
as i watched him stumble further on
to the next victim of his luring spells
"an open eye" i muttered to myself
in that instant all was lost in a fog
i opened my eyes to find my bedroom
as it was when i left my conscious self
the scent of the flowers from the valley
followed my awareness as i woke up
gazing out the window to find a rising sun

"an open eye" i repeated to the cat
snuggling around my two bare legs
"the star is born" i continued
opening the windows wide
breathing in the morning breeze
the cat took a jump to its freedom
while i went to take a shower
with a head swimming with thoughts
i blessed the water for its miracles
drowning my ears in its droning voice

fear not dear daughter of life
the rightful place is where you are
you know what you need to know
the now shows a new now
the now of the timeless
we are always where we are
we have all we need where we are
at the time we are where we are
we know what to know when to know it
it is what is to be always everywhere

"yes & i need to keep an eye open
he said so that man i meet in dreams
his shapes are many but its him"
"as is the others" i thought abruptly
as if i intruded my own conversation
or was it the others sending thoughts again
it was sometimes hard to tell
between thought & thought received
i always ponder i pondered
does everyone ponder so much as this

my eye i repeated in my head
it was opened one day by an orb
waking me up from my slumber
sizzling in a language foreign
swirling about my dizzy head
before it plunged into it behind
i could feel it moving through me
to come out with a loud bang
through a point above my eyebrows
where it left a throbbing sensation

i still feel the orbs mysterious energy
sitting there silent holding my breath
after it had vanished in a pop
straining to hear if i could still hear it sizzle
wondering what all that was about
that time is many years past
my eye had opened they had said
to my astonished discovery
it seems unending a journey still
as further it gazes the bigger the worlds

watering the thirsty plants while humming
on a song i swear the birds where singing
there in that place in the dream
where the forest is thick & deep
full of glorious mysteries
where nations live in harmony
with some prank or mischief
but none more than lessons to attend
mysteries to explore, tales to tell
visions to travel, love to share

~in Unity~

Friday, 11 March 2011

·The Rainbow Bridge ·

 · The Rainbow Bridge ·
holding no illusion time gets comfortable
it is surely due tide could carry its load
energy has newly awoken, sipping a tea
what will come riding with the oceans morn
gazing a vision through a pair of sunglasses
tanned with a purple glow it frames its captives

what i saw was a rainbow bridge
across a valley with a river running
a boat on it was but we paid no heed
tired of its journey back & forth
over it thread we all so smooth
with body, mind & soul in trinity

there should be no prisoners of life
life should be lived not merely survived
complex is the matrix & labyrinth
easily sold to a starving soul
blinded by veils of giant scale
played by strings of frequencies

mind is a marvelous tool indeed
a thought more clue than whim
a heart with templed intuned
create realities from dreams
conscious thought transforms
all matter outside as within

what you believe therefore exist
thus believe what you wish best
ignore pattern going backwards
use tool of aid not destruction
trust connected you are more
a Giant ancient & immortal


· Harmony's Tune ·

· Harmony's Tune ·
harmony balanced on her tune
whatever stirred these strings
stir more than tricks can fix
certainly brings bliss she mused
who could stir such a rattle
to dare such adventures
to meet a minds eyes midst
sending arrows of thunderbolts
shooting out through my fingertips

i pondered this weird mystery
taken its roots so suddenly
in the deep wells of eternity
i saw it once in a drop of mist
captured in a timeless twist
spelling tales of its memories
i sat seized mouth open staring
toppled by splendid beauty
scenes from afar & beyond 

washed up on a shore
a starfish laid its ankor
grateful it sat in silence
gazing a curvy horizon
a path behind now gone
arrived at target base
a sip of golden water
a gland within on jewel
glowing wider than existence

harmony's face glowed
the fire kissed her eyes
crackling with the wind
her gown of stars sprinkled
across the thundra it flew
painting reality with dreams
knitting the ocean of memory
balancing tunes of harmony
with balance, trust & unity


Thursday, 3 March 2011

~The Echo~

~The Echo~

echo glides slowly
its target yet to reach
it all came alive in a dream
where echo was born
between two dimensions grew
a love so pure & true
its center of magnetic bond
made the chain reaction
a vibrant song so strong
it became the ancient call
the long awaited echo
to tell the deepest secrets
to reveal the inner wishes

echo feels a curious itch
the inner ear caught
a tiny little whisper bug
there is a shift going on
right beside the milkyway
beside one sun & a moon
lies there a treasure planet
turned & twisted it is
but she carries her wits
regained is her heart
with love for her children
she has kept her cool

echo leaves at once
through a hallway
with numerous doors
though fascioned portals
trading spaces & shapes
until echo finally reached
in this fabeled universe
with the soul of earth
borned by mother of life
& father of creation
she became the sanctuary

echo stay silent high up
its antennas vibrates
its ears on high alert
earth was so beautiful
it was not prepared
it felt shaky & unstable
its inner felt ablaze
something felt familiar
about this earths voice
her heartbeat so sweet

echo reaches the moon
desides to sit down
to gaze in secret
it felt slightly dizzy
what was this feeling
so overwhelming
to seize all my nerves
to magnetize me so
echo seemed determined
to get to the bottom
of this mystery

wherever its eye could see
was hord of spheres
& moving lights
unaware of the echo
they seemed occupied
of something somewhere
in earths atmosphere
what was so special
to gather these numbers
why am i here at this moment
who was that bug in my ear earlier
or did i catch another ones echo

while echo pondered this matter
he lifted his spirit to watch closer
time rides into an arena
a cheering crowd goes silent
if anybody could stop time
all would be set free
such a dreamful thought
seldomly arrived in port
not my cup of tea
the fear muttered alone
striding proud towards time

time shakes its muscles
no one can stop time
it way be bended or shaped
stretched & confused
but it will always exist
its fear a good opponent
none better in fact
but fear lacks the spine
of times spiderweb
time turns toward the sun
now is the time

i am, time thought
i was & i will be
the time is now
i am now, time thought
i am instantly captured
as i am the now
i cant loose myself
they cant loose time
they cant hold me
i am always everywhere
time decided

fear glanced at his opponent
what if they got free
loosing their prescious time
hmph, he blurted
when he release times soul
he could ride its waves
and none of this would matter
fear would be able to plant more roots
to more ensure its eternal status
& he could make time
a time that would recapture
a time so beautiful
no eyes could it forget
a time that would obey

this time was too seducted
by earths inner hymn
her beat so strong
it moved the moon
her heat so strong
circling the sun
she herself
felt a heartbeat
she havent sensed
for thousand lifetimes
magnetic pull
from the secret sanctums

her carers within
who walked the lands
of her inner secrets
the inner worlds
of mother earth
landscapes of glory
& crystal cities
one tend the sunstone
mothers sacred heart
its soul all elements
bound in one combined
take notes of change
stone has tripled in glow

something is amiss
sure is this
i must confess
the gnome said
he ran to the trees
said to them this
carry my message
our mother is awaken
heart glows times three
time is the lurer
fear caught bait
the echo has arrived

echo felt on fire
all molecules burning
but a good burn
a sweet longing
this sanctuary
this earth mother
she is surely
he sighed
a deep breath
and it remembered
its inner call
its sacred song

the wondrous colours
now colliding
inside the echo
an orb was spinning
its attraction so strong
an urge to kiss the earth
just to feel it near
just to feel her beat
echo splashed into a vast ocean
it could not bare it
it had to find the source
of his yearn n torment

a steam pointed out
in the bottom a tunnel
to go down down
to the inner cities
echo was taken
he was in love
this beautiful being
to carry so many souls
so many dreams
so many realities
he was awestruck
with wobbly knees
how can this be
so wondrously dreamy

time smiled
this dragged about
fear had fear
that much was clear
time had all the time
no worries as fear
fear had no more time
it sensed a presence
a light it havent felt
since ages past
it couldnt remember
but so close & ripe
such a fresh love
to sniff about in the air

the gnome sung his tales
wide it bore, to heavens even
the trees strung their voices
the choir chanted
the winds grew syphonic
the hearts of the audience
skipped in their seats
touched to their knees
their mother sung
they could all hear it
fear lost his nerves
and ran to his debts

the echo had reached
its destiny
its love, our earth
is one within
with the echo of old
the child of love
whose inner soul
now is a whole
now our mother
is in love
once more