Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Trust ·Be ·Become

wheels are turning
moments seized
mountains topped
and conquered is
fears illusion trix

thrones they built
shiny and pointy
with pointless bounty
systems they set
to keep their way

naha we said
not no more
we tune up our beat
we will walk our land
with our own feet

we are this and that
we was and will be
inside every bit of us
we keep sacred our inner sun
our higher eternal self

we stand today
united hurray
for us combined
is the whole idea
to seek and find

the true realness 
the true existence
the alive sensation
the infinite relation
in all ways with all things

who else but you and you
can hear your voice
you speak within
with yours and yourself
new and eternal combined

treasured sense is trust
belief and become is next
always is the love
now it go boomblastic
explosively volcanic

to learn is to remember
to be remember to be
to hear remember to listen
to see remember to look
to speak remember to say

i am all this in all way
i am what i am as you
are you and yourself
new and eternal combined
in the always spiral dance



Saturday, 4 December 2010


·Cosmic Cafe·

far far away in the galaxy
in the space milkyway cafe place
somewhere between two realities

where beats and drumming drones
sound light cutting lazerbeams
boomed into eyes and dancing hearts

saying it all in spellbound silence
when waves crashes coming shires
they all moved as one as the waters

the water moved with them as they went
after all the other things in the universe
the flowers bloomed wherever they went

the stars in the sky changed their colours
as if someone had changed them to discoballs
they went boom boom till the crazy beats

into the eyes and dancing hearts
coming from the milkyway cafe place
somewhere between two realities