Monday, 24 January 2011

·Dragons Breath·

·Dragons Breath·

between heaven and earth
among the moons and the stars

the rainbow warriors of the sun
with shields of love & blades of light

their dragons breath mighty truth
torched illusions devilsnares

breached the veil of useless fear
seizing their throne of life as heir

blinded eyes in pure delight
free they flowed in holy sight

nations of souls from wide & afar
wading the shores of paradise

planting the seeds of tomorrows sunrise
turning the wheels of the spinning spirals

swept in a new gown of woven dreams
reality shook destinies golden hair

finding itself in the marble hall
tapping lightly on the third portal

massive gates opened slowly
granting entrance gracefully

one step forward diving free
into the mist of endless infinity

in Unity

Saturday, 8 January 2011

·A Seismic Event·

A Seismic Event

it sizzled
the beams
coming in streams

the wave
so sweet
so warm a heat

a craving
strong for
its embrace

the zizzling zazzle
triggering tazzle
seizing the castle

the addictive
magnetic law
of attraction

its target
its core abyss

with a boom
a heart beat
seismic event

lifting all veils
turning all clocks
filling the pores

with shivering
tingling delight
 twining souls hypnotised

flying the far lands
with their sight meeting vision
its mysterious mission
the forming
of now
as the actual now

as they flow
with the go
these ancient beings

as they talk 
in language old
with methods fluid

all have one song
one sign, a story
that speak to them

from them
we are shaped
as we shaped

our mind
who shape
what is to see


~The Actual Nowness~

The Actual Nowness

a new now
a new old
a new era

or was it so
that it was made
at the moment o now
where all exist

a swirly cosmos
around me spin
its core magnetic
takes me within

to a magic space
where all takes place
whatever whenever
in a timeless pace

they sing so softly
those angelic choirs
as the holy stones
& their tingling tales

thriving for a zone i take flight
into a late night high up
i touch the sky and take aim
at a rainbow looking spiral ring

from the moon i pick up speed
and burst through it like a lazerbeam
the echoes of the moons sensuous beat
follows my heart in the maelstroms swirl

the yearn for its embrace inside me twirl
over the white spongy steppes
& into the waters deeper & deeper
till its blue light around me shimmer

the saying said so
that the sun and moon met
at the lake of the stars
within the crystal forests

i sat at a stone
beside its shore
waiting for the kiss
between two gods

as the happening came
all leaves sung their names
in whispers they danced
to love with the breeze

clinging bells stroking ears
they came across the waters
from each side majestic & slowly
gazing their eyes ever so shyly

when they met all sound came to one
in a boom, a light so immensely big
it lit up the heavens & rainbowbridges
i flew backwards as a humble witness

not ready to loose sight i held on
to a branch of a tree & sat down
in its crown to fall happily asleep
knowing all is as all should be

in the actual nowness
is the key to timeless
resting between the
stars and the heavens