Wednesday, 16 March 2011

· Reality Dream ·

  · Reality Dream ·
a stretching after a long sleep
drinking tiny droplets of morning dew
from the leaves on the tree i had slept in
rays of the first sun heating my face
eyes gazing over of the valley
& the pointy lines of the 7 sisters
towering before the rising sun
shadows play on the sea of trees
wide & as far as eyes can see
arching rainbows above creeping mist

a thump nearby followed by a grunt
gave away the Eldar Trixens presence
his eyes gazing at the sky as usual
with his beard so long he thread on it
if he forgot to coil it around his neck
there is a scent of ancient about him
tales of the past lured in his eyes
"yonder is a star being born"
his words echoed in my ears
a vision flickered behind my eyes
a scene from a place in between

as if they were some kind of keys
the words opened memories
as if from a fading dream
coming back in bits & pieces
before my birth i was alive
i could see my life from there
other beings spread around
in what seemed a spaceless space
a place where i remembered everything
where all had reasons & purposes

i knew the faces of who to meet
i knew why it was all important
i knew how it was all planned
i also remember my last words
before i leaped into mothers womb
"this time i shall remember"
now i have pondered many times
what it was that i wanted to remember
for all seems to be evolved around it
its roots clinging to some faint world

"it is better to walk with an open eye"
his voice drove me back to the balcony
as i watched him stumble further on
to the next victim of his luring spells
"an open eye" i muttered to myself
in that instant all was lost in a fog
i opened my eyes to find my bedroom
as it was when i left my conscious self
the scent of the flowers from the valley
followed my awareness as i woke up
gazing out the window to find a rising sun

"an open eye" i repeated to the cat
snuggling around my two bare legs
"the star is born" i continued
opening the windows wide
breathing in the morning breeze
the cat took a jump to its freedom
while i went to take a shower
with a head swimming with thoughts
i blessed the water for its miracles
drowning my ears in its droning voice

fear not dear daughter of life
the rightful place is where you are
you know what you need to know
the now shows a new now
the now of the timeless
we are always where we are
we have all we need where we are
at the time we are where we are
we know what to know when to know it
it is what is to be always everywhere

"yes & i need to keep an eye open
he said so that man i meet in dreams
his shapes are many but its him"
"as is the others" i thought abruptly
as if i intruded my own conversation
or was it the others sending thoughts again
it was sometimes hard to tell
between thought & thought received
i always ponder i pondered
does everyone ponder so much as this

my eye i repeated in my head
it was opened one day by an orb
waking me up from my slumber
sizzling in a language foreign
swirling about my dizzy head
before it plunged into it behind
i could feel it moving through me
to come out with a loud bang
through a point above my eyebrows
where it left a throbbing sensation

i still feel the orbs mysterious energy
sitting there silent holding my breath
after it had vanished in a pop
straining to hear if i could still hear it sizzle
wondering what all that was about
that time is many years past
my eye had opened they had said
to my astonished discovery
it seems unending a journey still
as further it gazes the bigger the worlds

watering the thirsty plants while humming
on a song i swear the birds where singing
there in that place in the dream
where the forest is thick & deep
full of glorious mysteries
where nations live in harmony
with some prank or mischief
but none more than lessons to attend
mysteries to explore, tales to tell
visions to travel, love to share

~in Unity~

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  1. Cant find the words to say what I think of this one...