Sunday, 20 March 2011

· the holy wholeness ·

· the holy wholeness ·

the word knowledge trig some thoughts
the word in itself seems misunderstood
knowledge is by common man power
power as in an illusion of control
know ledge makes it more easier
the know how to jump off the ledge
into the abyss of the unknown
the tiny now put into the whole
makes knowledge a new word
the un(kn)own speak for itself
an unknowing strider may learn
one to claim the conclusion may not

to rid one self of fear begin with observing
face whatever face you with inner dignity
whoever or whatever you are it is holy
because it all combined makes the whole
a returning fear is just an obstacle
a feeling to read, observe & face
your entire being is a universe in itself
all what hold you as a being together
have their own personal journey to travel
just one cell of what holds you is a universe alone
talk about multidimensional beings
we are all gods of many universes

even a plant hold a soul & is god of universes
every fiber of it is a morphing giant on its own
each soul who walk one path expand
it feed knowledge into the holy whole
then soul takes another path with new eyes
its energy a floating evolving device
a master & god of its own universes
countless universes in an unending wholeness
energy is a friend you can really count on
it exist in every fraction of all universes
your inner dimensions & universes
contain eager giants to cooperate with

water is a being of utmost respect
it cant, for however it change, vanish
nothing does really, merely transform
water is alive & it remember everything
it is conscious, another friend to rely on
it knows you already & wishes you well
it feeds all of your personal universes
earth is our home, nurturer & paradise
a mother who takes care of her children
lecture them when they misbehave
feed them the best of her dishes
& show them her inner secrets

as a god of countless universes
she fares well in the big whole
as a beacon of trust in the unknown
she faces fears eyes & embrace it
for fear is also a word misunderstood
it is meant to be a beacon of change
a souls mission is to face all fears eyes
to accept it is much but also a dot
every tiny dot you meet is also much
in a mysteriously endless vastness
we all are rightfully heirs to our throne
ask a plant how it satisfy its universes

Fear (k)·No·(w) Ledges


  1. yeah fear feeds hate and war....

  2. Questions ...for the Weak one
    Answers in the hand of the Mighty one..