Friday, 11 March 2011

· Harmony's Tune ·

· Harmony's Tune ·
harmony balanced on her tune
whatever stirred these strings
stir more than tricks can fix
certainly brings bliss she mused
who could stir such a rattle
to dare such adventures
to meet a minds eyes midst
sending arrows of thunderbolts
shooting out through my fingertips

i pondered this weird mystery
taken its roots so suddenly
in the deep wells of eternity
i saw it once in a drop of mist
captured in a timeless twist
spelling tales of its memories
i sat seized mouth open staring
toppled by splendid beauty
scenes from afar & beyond 

washed up on a shore
a starfish laid its ankor
grateful it sat in silence
gazing a curvy horizon
a path behind now gone
arrived at target base
a sip of golden water
a gland within on jewel
glowing wider than existence

harmony's face glowed
the fire kissed her eyes
crackling with the wind
her gown of stars sprinkled
across the thundra it flew
painting reality with dreams
knitting the ocean of memory
balancing tunes of harmony
with balance, trust & unity


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